About Matador
Matador Converters, with head office in Montreal and a production facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has been serving the textile industry for over half a century, since 1945.
The above products are part of a compete line of fiber fills and speciality products made by Matador Converters for the furniture, garment, footwear and sporting industry, each developed for specific use, aesthetics, performance and price points.

Matador Converters is also an international player in domains as diverse as geotextiles, air filtration mediums, medical and health products, lingerie, home decoration, furniture, upholstery, aircraft manufacturing, military government, to name a few and is constantly developing new products, through innovative manufacturing systems and processes.

EarthwrapTM and PowderfillTM are also available throughout the Far East from our production facility in China.
For more information and samples on these and other exciting new products by Matador Converters, please contact:
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